About Us

I couldn't find it. So I built it.

Why we exist

After starting my own business in 2016, it became readily apparent I was going to fail without some professional services and consultation. Traditionally, those come at a high price. I needed legal advice - yet lawyers charge hundreds of $$$ by the hour. I needed individual health insurance - but I couldn't afford what was offered. I needed marketing help -websites, SEO and strategy by channel. I needed tax & financial advice, business consultation and a coach. I needed help.

Who We Help

We are in it for the little guy. We make running a business EASIER.

If you need legal advice, help with a supplier, a contract written or modified - pick up the phone. We've already paid the law firm to serve YOU.

Having trouble finding affordable, REAL health insurance? Let us help. We have the best health insurance options on the private market (no exchange/no government).

Need a website and some analytics to see if it's working? Call us.

Do you simply need a little advice on a business matter from an expert? We have experts readily available - any industry, any subject.

And the best news; we provide bundled packages of all these services for $30- $175/month.
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